How do I assist founders in expanding teams ?

Hi founders! This is Amit Rai.  The important thing about me ( and foundersfriend “ff “) is that I am not an agency or recruiting firm and neither I operate like it. It is a more personal+professional working model; I work with selective founders, work independently and introduce product background folks to founders from the network that I am creating at

Assisting in expanding teams is just one part ( a starting point) of (ff), but it is all about working with new founders and building long-term working relationships. Every founder that I worked with me; I try to form a genuine working relationship with them that could replicate in other aspects of their startup journey. Check out some of my founders friend / startups here

How does it ( expanding team ) work?

  • No setup agreement fee to start things out. No fee for just referring a candidate ( all roles).
  • Pay only an agreed flat fee ( based on offered LPA bracket per candidate)  if the recommended candidate joins the startup company. For fee details, Let’s connect by email, finalized the fee structure and get started.
  • simple spreadsheet will be shared with all candidate details ( also email with names to avoid further confusion regarding the date of referral). I will also set up calls with candidates if required.
  • I will raise an invoice on the date of joining of the candidate and request startups to clear the invoice within two weeks.
  • I provide 30 days candidate replacement policy; If any new candidate resigns or leave within 30 days. I will replace the candidate on the same invoice. It means I will assist one candidate without charging any fee for the replacement and it will be part of the last invoice.


How to start?

Easy onboarding; Let’s connect on email, finalized the fee structure and get started. Email me with the confirmation and I will start introducing candidates based on your active team roles.

Here is one example of how founders complete the onboarding and start using my assistance in the recruitment process in a single day.

Step 1 –  Onboarding ( agreeing on fee and other things related to workflow)  on official email.

Step 2 – Tell me which profiles are in priority ( Active openings) and which are not ( Passive openings). Share the role details.

Step 3 – Recieve a spreadsheet of recommended candidates. It will contain all the details of candidates including contact details,  resume, CTCs details and notice period details.

Step 4– Add remarks and feedback. Shortlist candidates and reach out to them directly. All candidates will know about your startup and roles. So it is easy for you to reach out and start the interview process.


Agreement Process

I use official email as a mode of communication, agreement and contract. I trust founders whatever they agreed on by email. I work alone not as a team so I keep things simple. But I will create a service agreement if it is the requirement from the startup side.


How do I find tech folks?

Refer model works for me pretty well; one good candidate always introduces me to someone else.

Creating a limited* tech-talent pool is a separate continuous networking thing. I recommend a candidate from that pool based on the founders need. 

I am inviting skilled tech-industry folks to my network and creating a pool of talent based on mutual trust. Candidates know about me and I know about them professionally. I focused on startup talent who have work experience in building products and working in product startups.

Also On a regular basis, I am searching for skilled tech industry folks who are ambitious or underpaid or stuck-in-negative-work-culture or working in big companies but feel unutilised or want to change city/country and looking for something better.

Product folks reach out to me via many sources, for example, my Linkedin and AngelList is a pretty well-connected network.

Who trusted me so far?

I work with limited founders at any given time (or month). It helps me to maintain the quality of my work.
Startup founders who are working with me – check the list here


Why work with me?

  • I am not a recruiter. So I do no BS. Yes, I am in this domain but I am trying to crack the code of “how to find talent”.
  • I am playing a long term game here. For that, I have to be authentic and build trust in the startup community. I am the face of my services; my professional identity is at stake here so I have to take my work seriously and I do.
  • And at last; the easiest way to judge anything is to try it; So let’s connect and give me a task and see how it goes.  No fee to start things.

I love to share and discuss my fee structure. Just email me here or message me on LinkedIn

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