Hi founders !

My Name is Amit Rai.  In past I founded a product startup ; learns a lot about building startup, core teams,  product from scratch, product growth, creating work culture and many other things during the journey as a tech startup founder and as a startup employee ( I also worked in product startups).

Now at  foundersfriend ( ff ) I am trying to create a trust based authentic consultancy platform for founders. My aim is to save founders time by delivering fast results with flexible fee structure and simple work flow . I  personally work on every aspect of my consultancy service.

I am also creating a network for product folks via my platform lookingout.work

I assist founders in following ways 

Team Expanding

Introducing founders to tech industry talent and assisting in recruitment process

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Recommending good freelancers design studios, agencies, consultants etc. to founders

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Personal Growth

Introducing founders to mentors, skill trainers, fitness & nutrition coaches, meditation teachers etc.

WIP - Stay tuned !


What is foundersfriend ?

‘foundersfriend’ (ff) is a consultancy platform created by an ex-founder of product startup and structured for startup founders.  Most consultancy ( process, fees & results) …

Why trust Foundersfriend ( me )?

‘foundersfriend’ (ff) is created for startup founders. It means it is frugal, flexible and fast. (ff) it is based on trust and follows a philosophy …