Why trust Foundersfriend ( me )?

‘foundersfriend’ (ff) is created for startup founders. It means it is frugal, flexible and fast.

(ff) it is based on trust and follows a philosophy based on ‘trust-factors’


Why should you ( as a founder) trust me

  • I am an ex-founder. I recruited teams, manage product development and successfully built product teams.
  • I am an ex-startup-employee. I recruited directly by founders and work closely with founders in product startups.
  • I understand how startups function in initial stages and the impact of recruiting the wrong folks.

Why I am focusing on the “ex-founder” keyword so much?

Because with ‘foundersfriend’(ff); my work-identity and reputation are on the stake and I value it. Anything I offer as a service it has to be authentic. One bad testimonial (feedback) from a founder and I am done.

Why should a founder trust my services ( for the team building )

In order to make recruitment service authentic and trustworthy; I created the following protocols

Pay a flat fee only if it works
It is a big commitment from my side. I have to show the result. I have to provide value and make it work. I have to find good and relevant candidates for founders to increase the success rate. I have to do quality work.

No fee to be in my network and receiving recommendations
It makes easier for founders to join or leave or stay without any commitment.

It does not base on scalability philosophy but on Quality-Work
It means I do quality work. In order to maintain quality; I have to assist only limited founders. I did not start (ff) to become ‘Uber for Consultancy’ ( I mean serving the masses of founders). I started because I want to assist only a few founders and make my economics work.

Yes, I eventually want to create a good model of startup consultancy. Setting a standard for operations, process and ethics for startup consultancy that others can copy and replicate . I don’t want to scale ‘foundersfriend (ff)’ I want to keep it simple, authtetic and reliable.

I have other very important stuff in my life which has nothing to do with the startup world. And I only work 3–4 hours a day and 5 days a week. It is a commitment that I make. I just want to make the economics work for me.

It is private
Founders information and communication will remain private. I will never request founders to attend an event or endorsefoundersfriend (ff)’. It is between me and a founder.

It is more than a recruitment service
Every startup needs all kind of SaaS products. At (ff) you will get founder-2-founder sale opportunities time to time only if a founder asks for SaaS products recommendation. Don’t worry I am not going to send sales emails on behalf of other founders. Tell (ff) what category of product you want and you will get a recommendation.

So if you a founder who also think founder-2-founder sales channels are underrated ( underutilize) then please be my friend 🙂

Why trust me ( unsuccessful ex-founder)

Consultancy started by successful-names may only serve ‘elite founders’ ( top 1 % of the top 1% ) and these consultancies wanted to create a PR buzz to get more clients or make a way to jump into Venture Investment. On the other hand, I don’t want to add a number of the client. I am happy with a few clients.

Also, what is the point for a successful founder ( got acquired ) to start a consultancy to serve other founders when that successful founder can start another startup or become an angel investor.

So who can do something about the broken and ineffective consultancy system in recruitment?

Those who left. Folks like me, who are young ( who can try new things even in the consultancy service arena), who understand founder mindset, who started startup themselves, who recruited directly by founders, who worked closely with other founders in startups and who spent time as an employee in startups.

And I am not offering any mentorship for founders ( for which I may need a resume filled with success stories); I am only offering assistance as service.

And here you opt-in for my personal friendship

You are not dealing with a consultancy company here; you are dealing with me. You are going to be my friend and it is more personal than professional. The whole idea of ‘foundersfriend’(ff) is based on trust and human-2-human connection.

So be my friend 🙂 Say hi to me on email


No fee for receiving candidates recommendations ( introductions). Only pay a flat fee if you end up recruiting someone from my recommendation. I love to share fees details ( and policies) if you like to know. Just email me here or message me on linkedin.


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